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30th-May-2010 05:53 pm - Friends Only
Posts will be left open for a few days after I post it.
If you want an add you must post a comment, posts something we may have in common, or why you want the add, then I might add you, chances are I will.
All comments are screened.

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8th-Sep-2007 05:35 pm - England vs India 7 Match ODI series
They won!!! They Won!!!

England one there first one day series in 3 years! And KP and Colly basically won it for them, Kev 71* (96) and Colly 64* (73) after losing 3 early wickets, he, so hyped, and Colly and the trophy *Sigh* Here's to hoping the players going to South Africa don't get a major hangover because they fly out tomorrow.


More Pictures here
15th-Aug-2007 03:37 pm - Update
So, typical English weather, rain and thunderstorms, so I was inside all day.
I was bored and still am so made some graphics, and uploaded some pics from the game onto my laptop.

1st-Aug-2007 02:59 pm - Aussie V England
Australia V England

1 players from each team, rated out of 10.
The average rating will then be calculated to find the hottest team!

Oh and before you get this muddled up with something else, this is the most recent 11 cricket players from each team. From Test matches, and since I have no friggin idea you has played in Australia's last games, if someone would give us a list of the last 11 players, and don't just pick the hottest!

This is war
heartagram_lala !

Image heavy!

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